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About us

Haverhill Silver Band is an amateur musical group based in Haverhill, Suffolk, UK. The Silver Band (Musical Director: Mark Ager) is currently ranked nationally as a first section brass band and performs in concerts and contests across the region.

Haverhill Silver Band is over 150 years old and you can find out a little more about our history here.

Haverhill Youth & Community Band (Musical Director: Diane Pannell) is a supporting group that has its own engagements and helps train players for the Silver Band.

What is a Silver Band?

Whether it is a silver band or brass band the instrumentation is the same. All the instruments within the band are from the class of "brass" instruments but a brass or silver band does not include Trumpets, French Horns or Saxophones (a brass, reed instrument).

Typical instrumentation for a Silver or Brass Band includes:

  • Soprano (Eb) Cornet
  • 9, Bb Cornets (playing 4 different parts)
  • Flugal Horn
  • 3 Eb Tenor Horns (playing 3 different parts)
  • 2 Bb Baritone Horns (playing 2 different parts)
  • 2 Euphoniums
  • 2 Bb Tenor Trombones (playing 2 different parts)
  • 1 Bass Trombone
  • 2 Eb Basses
  • 2 Bb Basses
  • Kit and Tuned Percussion


Bb Cornet


Flugal Horn


Eb Tenor Horn



Eb Bass

Eb Bass